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New mod? [01 Jun 2008|10:54am]

So...I've kind of forgotten about this place, and it hasn't been as successful as I would've thought. So would anyone like to take it over? If not, I'll probably end up deleting it.

I've been working on The Star Wars RP Directory if anyone is interested in joining that.
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[18 Mar 2008|10:28pm]



Twilight of the Force

It is an era of unrest for the Republic and the Jedi Order. It has been seven years since the Trade Federation invaded the peaceful planet of Naboo. The Republic is slowly falling apart at the seams as Separatist groups begin to assert their power in a growing number of systems. The Jedi have been called upon by the Republic to maintain order but already their numbers are beginning to thin. Conflict after conflict is taking its toll on the noble order and dissent over the morality of using force to keep the Republic together has even begun to show within their ranks.

The Jedi Council has done its best to keep the Order together. Despite the heavy burden laden on them by the Chancellor and the Senate they have continued their operations as usual. The Jedi continue in their role as guardians of peace and justice throughout the galaxy. How long they will be able to manage, however, is in question. The Virgillian Civil War, the Separatist Crisis and eventually the Clone Wars loom on the horizon. Worst of all, the Council has no chance to predict any of this. Their ability to sense the future has become clouded - a serious omen which lays heavily on them.

The future of the galaxy is unclear. As a members of the Jedi Order and the Republic, it is your destiny to discover what the future holds.

Twilight of the Force is a Republic Era RPG beginning half way through 25 BBY. It is currently canon compliant with the intention of breaking into an alternative timeline during the Clone War era.

The game is a grab bag of structured missions and unstructured roleplaying as well as character journals and other plot devices. It's a brand new RPG and we want it to be very interactive for the users so a lot of things are open to suggestions and community involvement.

If you're interested, please, click on the image above and look around the site. We look forward to your application and getting to know you better.

We hope to begin the game on April 2nd, 2008.

The Game

The Story
The Rules
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new ...kinda...rpg [22 Feb 2008|04:27pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Click here to join Star_Wars-After_Wars
Click to join Star_Wars-After_Wars

There's a new free form star wars rpg around, it's not actually new per say..but rather a continuation of the sadly now-dead Star Wars Chicks RPG. We're just starting out, so it's the perfect time to join :) Jedi, Sith, Imperials, Rebelerr.. New Republic, and of course the scum of the universe: bounty hunters, mercenaries, etc.

So stop by and check it out, and tell 'em Nya sent ya :)
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Two things [29 Jan 2008|12:57pm]

I wanted to post two things. First, I'm not doing a great job at moderating this community, so I think it would be best if I either handed it over to someone else (preferably a Star Wars role player who knows how to run communities like this) or delete it. If no one volunteers to moderate it, I'll probably end up closing it.

Secondly, I figured I would go ahead and post this here for the heack of it.

Star Wars: Rise of the Force web site || FAQs || || Rules || Application || Message Board

More game info under hereCollapse )
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Link Shout Out 1 [02 Jan 2008|04:56pm]

shadedtwilight has made a player advertisement

Please don't forget about the best Star Wars role playing experiences discussion post!
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Advertising Post [02 Jan 2008|10:11am]

If you wish to advertise a game, this is the place to do it.

However, if you want to advertise yourself as a role player, you can do that here as well.

Advertising is rather simple. Copy one of the following codes (if you wish to advertise both a game and yourself, I suppose doing it in the same comment is fine, but you could also reply to the first comment you make and put the second ad in another comment, so that it stays in the same thread), fill it out and post it as a comment. If you'd like, you can put in the subject of the comment "_________'s advertising thread" or something like that.

Remember, you must be advertising a Star Wars game or be advertising yourself as a Star Wars role player!

Code one- game advertising

It will look like this:

Game advertisement
Title of the game:
What era does the game take place in? (i.e. Knights of the Old Republic, the Old Republic (episodes 1-3), episodes 4-6, expanded universe (anything after Return of the Jedi), etc)
Is the game alternate universe, or does it mostly stick to canon?
Storyline of the game:
Format (message board, Livejournal, chat room, AIM, etc):
Web site link if applicable:
Requirements (post lengths, applications, etc):
Any needed characters or character types (Jedi, Sith, etc)?
Contact information (messenger screen names, e-mail address, etc):
Age requirement (i.e. 13 and above):
Rating of the Game:
Any other information:

Code two- player advertising

It will look like this:

Player Advertisement
Your name:
Your age:
Role playing experience:
What eras in Star Wars are you willing to play in? (Old Republic, expanded universe, etc)
What character types do you generally like playing? (Jedi, Sith, Imperial, etc)
Original characters or canon characters? (Do you like playing original characters, or do you prefer playing canon characters, such as Luke Skywalker, etc?)
What plots do you like to play? (romance, master/apprentice, Jedi quests, etc)
What plots do you NOT like to play?
Preferred format (one line, semi-para, multi-para, message board, chat room, messenger, e-mail, etc):
What are your role playing peeves?
What do you enjoy in role playing?
Any warnings?
Sample post:
Contact information (messengers, e-mail, etc):
Any other information:

That's it for now. Feel free to start commenting with either of these forms if you wish.

(The second form was partially based on mun_vs_mun's form. Credit and thanks goes to them.)
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Suggest a Discussion Topic [01 Jan 2008|11:28am]

Want to suggest a discussion topic? This is the place to do so.

Topics so far:

Best Star Wars role play stories

Please comment to this entry only if you wish to offer some suggestions for topics. Topics need to be related to Star Wars role playing in some way. Inappropriate suggestions will be ignored.
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Discussion post- best Star Wars RP stories [01 Jan 2008|11:17am]

So, to start this off since we have quite a few members (and it seems to be growing, yay), I'm going to start with a discussion post.

What are some of your best experiences in role playing Star Wars?

This could be developing a really deep, awesome character, or just role playing with someone or a group of players for a long period of time and watching as different things develop.

I'm mainly talking about online role playing in this, but tabletop could count as well.

For me, I would have to say two things.

My two stories under hereCollapse )

Next discussion post: worst Star Wars RP stories.
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Advertising template and Affiliates [31 Dec 2007|09:40pm]

Want to help advertise the community? Want to affiliate a community or off-LJ site with the community? This is the entry to do so.

Copy the following code in order to advertise the community. It will look like the following when you post it on Livejournal- you'll have to edit the code for any off-Livejournal message boards, etc.


Looking for a Star Wars game, but have had horrible luck finding one you like? Looking for help moderating a game, or coming up with a storyline? Want to discuss Star Wars role play in general?

starwars_rpers is the place for you.

Join? || Friend the community? || Ask a question/the welcome post || Community profile


If you wish to affiliate with this community, your site/community must be Star Wars related- either role playing, general discussion, whatever. There are some things where I will have to use my judgement as to whether or not I will affiliate with you (i.e. a graphics community, since that's not -really- what this is for, unless it's for Star Wars role play character icons).
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Welcome [31 Dec 2007|08:43pm]

Welcome to starwars_rpers. As it says in the community profile, this is a community dedicated to Star Wars online role players.

What you can find and do here:

*Information/adveritsements (sparringly) for new Star Wars games
*Ask other role players and Star Wars fans for ideas/advice having to do with Star Wars (i.e. storylines, characters, etc)
*Ask other role players for advice about RPing in general (dealing with other players, moderators, etc)

Basically, if you're looking for any new Star Wars games, looking for storyline ideas, want to discuss Star Wars role playing in general...and pretty much anything I can think of that I have not already said you can't do, this is the place to do it.

I'll be making a post that will be dedicated to advertising Star Wars games to that the community is not spammed with advertisements. You'll have to comment to the post to advertise your game, but maybe every time someone comments, I'll edit the post with the advertisement info and will link to it in a new post to remind people to go and check it out.

If you have any questions or ideas for the community, this is the place to ask.
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